Friday, 24 May 2013

Throw Some Warmth Around....

The days and nights are definitely getting cooler here. So of course, I have done the obvious and decided to make some throws to keep me warm while I do what I enjoy.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on a throw using the Random Stripe Generator, I finally finished it, just in time to give to my mother for Mothers Day :)

I love the way that it turned out and she thought it was beautiful. It is so thick and warm, perfect for someone that feels the cold. 

After gifting this one to mum, I had to make another for myself. Mine is being done in white, black, light grey, medium grey, dark grey and yellow, but not in that order, again I used the Random Stripe Generator and found a combination that I really liked and went with it. I'm about 3/4 done and will post a photo when it's finished.

Occasionally I also knit and decided that when I want to do something a little different, I could alternate between crochet and knit projects. So out came the knitting needles and some yarn that I purchased on sale last year and I decided to start a cable scarf. It's a reverse cable and very easy, there are only 6 rows to the pattern.

This is a photo taken a little while ago, progress is actually further along than what you see below, it's about twice as long...

If you're interested, the pattern can be found here

I don't knit very often, but I do enjoy it and it's the one craft that my mother was able to teach me, at the tender age of 8 and it's stuck with me and I am very grateful that she had the patience to get me knitting :) 

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