Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hot Off The Hook...

I found this pattern on Pinterest and it really caught my eye. The designer is a lovely lady named Angeline and she has a blog of her own.....
Mijn Eigen Plekkie

Angeline has some beautiful things on her site, it's definitely worth a look.

I decided to move away from the owls for a little bit, because I wanted to get this on my hook. I've made it for my mother to have in her room at the nursing home, so she will have an "angel" watching over her.

 I used acrylic yarn to make her and she is huge. She measures 57cm (approximately 22 inches) from the top of her head to the tip of her toes!

I'm planning on making another one, once I clear some more "to-do's" out of my folder. The next one will be in 4ply cotton and I'm thinking of changing her hair and experimenting with her.

This was a fun and easy pattern to follow and best of all, it was free!

The original pattern is in Dutch, but Angeline offers an English version if you email her.
All you have to do is say "thanks" and maybe send her a nice pattern in return. Not much to ask at all for a lovely pattern!

Follow up: I went and saw mum yesterday and delivered the Tilda, she was very happy with it and it now hangs on her wall in her room :) 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Owl Tote 'Em Completed :)

Well it's finally finished! My Owl Tote 'Em is completed :)
I love the way it's turned out, all those cute little owls everywhere.
Here's a picture of the finished project:

This is one side:

 And this is the other side:

The pattern didn't call for a lining, but I chose to include one, I found this corduroy in my material stash and I think it blends nicely with the outside of the bag. The whole lining was hand sewn because my sewing machine refused to play nice with me. It took a while but I love the way it turned out.

 I chose to crochet the handles, because I couldn't find any that I liked in a length that I wanted.
After the first use of the bag, I found that the handles tended to "roll", so I went out and purchased some ribbon, chocolate brown with white polka dots and sewed that to the outside of the handles and now they are much sturdier and don't roll anymore :)

(I haven't had a chance to take a photo of the bag again, now that the handles have been updated. I'll try and do that in the near future and I'll add it to this post.)

I took it out to town with me the day after I completed it and the girls at work saw it and asked if I could make them one too! lol
I told them that they would have to wait a while because I have other things in my "to-do" list that I want to make first!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Finally.....Reveal #2

A while back I posted about some "mystery" projects that I had been putting together.
Reveal #1 was done a while back, the Luigi and Yoshi amigurumi's, now I can reveal what the other 2 projects were.
They have finally been delivered to their new owner, so I can now share what I was working on....

The first one, which, if you've been following along, you would remember me showing you this...

 Well, now I can show you what it is :)

 It's a project bag  that was sent to a good friend in America! The whole bag was "rebel crocheted". I took a pattern for an Owl project bag and used the pattern for the body of the bag for this one. I then had to painstakingly create the face and legs. I didn't have a pattern for these, so had to do them from scratch. (The green dots on the face are actually pins that are securing the face onto the bag). I think it turned out pretty cute!

And what's a lion, without a tail!....

It's big enough to hold the yarn, pattern and pieces of a smaller pattern. You definitely wouldn't be able to fit an afghan project in this ;)

So, onto the next reveal......

You'll remember the teaser photo as looking like this....

Well, this is the finished project....

It's an angel lion, created for the same friend that received the lion bag. Can you see a theme happening here!!! lol

This is from the pattern called " Dalenna - Angel Of Courage" by  Gurumiorama (

I decided to 'rebel crochet' this one as well. The pattern called for a yarn mane, where pieces of yarn were cut in lengths and then attached to the head.

I decided to delve into my yarn stash and found a skein of eyelash yarn and then went through the process of crocheting this to the head, working in rows. I love the way it turned out :)

The wings were made with some silver lurex type yarn I had here and I used a silver pipe cleaner for the halo.
I had to make this for my friend, because it sums her up beautifully!

So that's it, that's what I've been working on and they have all now gone to their new homes.

As a side note: I'm still working on the Owl Tote and am close to reaching the finish line. I have the body of the bag completed and one handle attached. I just have to make the other handle and then decide whether I want to line it or not.

Stay tuned......