Thursday, 20 September 2012

WIP's & Chains Excite Me...

I thought I would share my most recent WIP's (Work In Progress) with you :)
I'm pleased with the way they are both coming out and I love the colour combinations.

This first one is a pattern that I love!
It's called "Owl Tote'em" by Marken of The Hat & I
It's definitely worth taking a look at her patterns. She also has a hat and scarf in the same type of motif!

Currently I have 6 motifs worked up and it's been a great pattern to work with. The instructions are clear and very straight forward. It's my first adventure with reverse single crochet and I think I took to it like a duck to water lol

Anyway, here's where I'm at with it at the moment....

Of course I still have to finish the eyes and attach them and the beak and then attach the motif to the others, but you get the general idea. Feel free to comment! :)

This other one is a design of my own....a rebel crafting expedition so to speak lol

I recently got myself an iPad and couldn't justify the cost of the covers for it, so I thought I would break into my stash and make my own.

I bought the cotton yarn from Ebay a while back and it had been sitting there waiting to scream out at me and tell me what it was to become, I love the colours and the way that it is coming together.

Rather than me blather on about it, here's a preview....

I'm about 1/2 way done with it and the ideas are coming thick and fast for how I'm going to "pretty it up" when I finish the main body of the case.

Don't panic! That's not the only ball of yarn I have like this. I bought 3 of them and there is more than enough to get this project finished and maybe another smaller project once I decide on what else it will be.

So that's what is on my hook at the moment......

iPad cover update:  
I ended up "frogging" the iPad cover :(
For some reason, I did the really awesome job of decreasing stitches and it started to lean inwards and look funny. I started ripping it out and by the time I had found where I'd made the 1st mistake, it was too far down, so I just gave up and pulled the whole thing out. In disgust I went out and bought myself a folio for the iPad lol
Looks like I'm looking for a new project for the purple variegated cotton lol

Owl Tote Progress....

I'm still working on the Owl Tote'em pattern, I haven't had much chance to pick it up lately, but have made a conscious effort over the past couple of days.

The pattern calls for 8 of the Owl motifs to be made, but because I'm using a smaller hook than suggested in the pattern, so I get a good tension, I've decided to make 12 Owl motifs and make the bag rectangular instead of square.

I'm loving the way it's coming together at the moment, the colours are so bright and vibrant and with the chocolate brown, they really stand out.

Here's where I'm at after last nights session of working on it....

I just have to put the eyes and beak on the top left hand side Owl and make 2 more for the right side and then I can start on the triangular motifs and make the extra small square motifs.

I'm thinking about lining it, because we all know how us girls can fill a handbag lol. So I went into my stash of material and found a deep red corduroy fabric, that I think will go nicely with it.
I'll just have to figure out how I want to insert the lining and make it up.

Who knows, by the end of the weekend, I could be sporting a new handbag :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bitten By The Felt Bug...

Lately I haven't felt much like doing anything of a crafty nature, due to all that is happening with my mother. For those that don't know, mum (who has just turned 86) broke her hip on 28th August and had to have surgery to repair it. It was touch and go there for a while after the surgery and she ended up in the ICU ward. She managed to get over that hurdle and is now in rehab trying to get back on her feet, but it's a long slow process and she has had a couple of falls over the past couple of days, which luckily haven't caused any further damage. But it's been a very worrying and trying time for myself and my family. We are in the process of trying to find a permanent placement for mum in a nursing home because she needs to be somewhere that she will be monitored and close to medical help if she needs it. We are too far out of town and our house isn't equipped for mum if the rehab doesn't get her back to the level she was at before this latest setback. It's also very mentally draining on all of us, so we believe this will be in everyone's best interests....

Yesterday I decided that enough was enough and delved into my craft cupboard!
I pulled out a 12" x 6" box canvas, my stash of felt sheets and embroidery threads and set to work.

This is what I ended up putting together :)

I purchased some cutting files designed by the very talented Trina Clark ( a while back and was thinking about what I could do with them, then inspiration hit!

I printed off the pattern and set to work cutting the pieces out in felt.

First I found a colour I liked as the backing for the piece and attached it to the canvas. I was just going to glue everything on, but decided that I would be smart and sew it all on instead! Not an easy feat by any means and I have battle scars to prove it lol.

After attaching the backing, I then set to work figuring out the placement for the owls and branch. I started with the hearts and tree bough, then the leaves and lastly the owls.
Sorry, I didn't think to take progress photo's so I can't show you the steps of how I put it all together.

Each of the pieces was glued on with a small dot of craft glue to hold them in place, then I sewed them into place. Being the creative genius that I am, I decided it would be fun to sew through the felt AND the canvas. Big mistake!! My fingers hurt like crazy and I don't know how many times I swore when I stabbed myself, but in the end, I'm happy with the result!

Here's a closeup of the stitching detail...

Once I had finished sewing everything on, I then blanket stitched around the outside edge of the backing piece of felt and the canvas because it was starting to come unstuck and roll up.
I didn't like the look of the blanket stitch, so I delved back into my stash and found a reel of blue "ric rac" that I had stashed away and then sewed that around the outside edge of the canvas and over the edge of the felt with invisible quilter's thread. All I can say is, thank goodness for thimbles!

I think the next time I get a clever idea like this, I'm not going to sew through the canvas. I'll attach it all to the backing piece first and then attach the backing to the canvas.

Now I just have to locate my picture hanging kit and find a spot to hang it!