Thursday, 20 September 2012

Owl Tote Progress....

I'm still working on the Owl Tote'em pattern, I haven't had much chance to pick it up lately, but have made a conscious effort over the past couple of days.

The pattern calls for 8 of the Owl motifs to be made, but because I'm using a smaller hook than suggested in the pattern, so I get a good tension, I've decided to make 12 Owl motifs and make the bag rectangular instead of square.

I'm loving the way it's coming together at the moment, the colours are so bright and vibrant and with the chocolate brown, they really stand out.

Here's where I'm at after last nights session of working on it....

I just have to put the eyes and beak on the top left hand side Owl and make 2 more for the right side and then I can start on the triangular motifs and make the extra small square motifs.

I'm thinking about lining it, because we all know how us girls can fill a handbag lol. So I went into my stash of material and found a deep red corduroy fabric, that I think will go nicely with it.
I'll just have to figure out how I want to insert the lining and make it up.

Who knows, by the end of the weekend, I could be sporting a new handbag :)

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