Thursday, 20 September 2012

WIP's & Chains Excite Me...

I thought I would share my most recent WIP's (Work In Progress) with you :)
I'm pleased with the way they are both coming out and I love the colour combinations.

This first one is a pattern that I love!
It's called "Owl Tote'em" by Marken of The Hat & I
It's definitely worth taking a look at her patterns. She also has a hat and scarf in the same type of motif!

Currently I have 6 motifs worked up and it's been a great pattern to work with. The instructions are clear and very straight forward. It's my first adventure with reverse single crochet and I think I took to it like a duck to water lol

Anyway, here's where I'm at with it at the moment....

Of course I still have to finish the eyes and attach them and the beak and then attach the motif to the others, but you get the general idea. Feel free to comment! :)

This other one is a design of my own....a rebel crafting expedition so to speak lol

I recently got myself an iPad and couldn't justify the cost of the covers for it, so I thought I would break into my stash and make my own.

I bought the cotton yarn from Ebay a while back and it had been sitting there waiting to scream out at me and tell me what it was to become, I love the colours and the way that it is coming together.

Rather than me blather on about it, here's a preview....

I'm about 1/2 way done with it and the ideas are coming thick and fast for how I'm going to "pretty it up" when I finish the main body of the case.

Don't panic! That's not the only ball of yarn I have like this. I bought 3 of them and there is more than enough to get this project finished and maybe another smaller project once I decide on what else it will be.

So that's what is on my hook at the moment......

iPad cover update:  
I ended up "frogging" the iPad cover :(
For some reason, I did the really awesome job of decreasing stitches and it started to lean inwards and look funny. I started ripping it out and by the time I had found where I'd made the 1st mistake, it was too far down, so I just gave up and pulled the whole thing out. In disgust I went out and bought myself a folio for the iPad lol
Looks like I'm looking for a new project for the purple variegated cotton lol

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