Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Reveal #1

Well, two of the projects I completed but couldn't share went to their new home this week. They were presents for my son's girlfriend's 18th birthday. She's a huge Super Mario fan, but prefers Luigi, so I made her a Luigi amigurumi (courtesy of Wolfdreamer) and a matching Yoshi (courtesy of Robotrish).
My son delivered them on Monday night, I couldn't do it myself, so got him to do it on my behalf and I recieved a message thanking me profusely and I was told that I'm awesome LOL
I'm glad that she liked them!
So without further ado....here they are.....

 I think they turned out pretty cute! I've already been asked if I can make other things and would I do so for other people :)
Excuse me while I go and deflate my head LOL

Stay tuned for Reveal # 2, which is still a while off.....

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